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About Me

I’m Becks, a lifelong student of language and the ways we use it. My studies began at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I completed degrees in Linguistics and Japanese Language & Literature and learned that communication always involves translation in some form or another.

Whether from one culture and language to another, from our personal thoughts to our public speech, or even from our imagined ideas to things we can see and touch, translation is essential.

It has been this last point that broadened my passion for language to include computer languages, coding and development. This pursuit brought me to Texas State University's school of Journalism and Mass Communication, where I completed the graduate program in digital media and earned a Master of Arts.

My studies have focused on coding proficiency; web maintenance, development and design; database structure; data visualization; and content generation.

Throughout my graduate work I have used my digital projects as a spotlight for women’s and LGBT issues and stories as well as questions concerning diversity and representation, both on local and national scales.

I served as a professor-of-record at Texas State, teaching multiple sections of the undergraduate coding course Web Publishing & Online Media Design.

Feel free to get in touch - email me at or tweet me at @beckslarson.

Project Experience

A The retro van

SXSW Interactive Advisor

Scraped and analyzed data from SXSW Interactive's preview site to build web application enabling easier exploration of the conference's 2,000+ panels.

Big Sur

Loud Austin

Data from Austin, TX's non-emergency police line is used to chart noise complaints and create an interactive, dynamic mapping application.

Turquoise waters

The Heroines Project

Performed original research on the representation of women in modern science fiction film, which then formed the basis for related videographic coverage and an interactive digital presentation.

Las Casas Foundation Homepage

Las Casas Foundation

Conducted a from-the-ground-up redesign and restructuring of San Antonio theatre nonprofit Las Casas Foundation's online presence.

Contact Me

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